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With the completion of the tender offer of Mobileye, Intel is poised to accelerate its autonomous driving business from car-to-cloud.
RethinkX and Barclays Research have issued carefully prepared research concluding that the global peak for cars will be in only a few years. Analysts IDTechEx say around 2030. Most experts see it as inevitable.
It is now becoming clear that the appalling emissions from ships that cause global warming and local injuries can be virtually eliminated.
BorgWarner announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sevcon Inc a global player in electrification technologies.
IDTechEx forecasts no let up in the growth of the global lithium-ion battery market even in 2027. These batteries are now steadily replacing lead acid in its last strongholds such as mobility vehicles for the disabled, fork lift trucks, golf carts and cars though there is a long way to go in each case.
OPVs can be integrated directly into construction materials whilst they are manufactured, and are therefore installed together with these materials. By developing self-adhesive OPVIUS products, an additional solution can now be provided that will be of interest when retrofitting existing surfaces, as well as for use on non-transparent carrier materials.
In this article Dr Peter Harrop examines the ongoing growth of the electric bus market.
The objective of making flying possible for everyone has drawn closer: In July 2017 the aviation start-up Volocopter agreed a finance deal over 25 million Euros with the automobile firm Daimler from Stuttgart, the technology investor Lukasz Gadowski from Berlin and further investors.
The world's first underwater vehicle designed specifically to collect both biological and chemical samples from the ocean water column successfully completed sea trials.
Eliminating batteries is key says IDTechEx Research in the new report Battery Elimination in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2018-2028. They have serious limitations of cost, weight, space, toxicity, flammability, explosions, energy density, power density, leakage current, reliability, maintenance and/ or life.
Sono Motors in Germany has officially launched its solar electric car Sion in Munich with first deliveries expected in 2019.
Sun Flyer 4 announced 02 Aug | United States
Aero Electric Aircraft Corp (AEAC) has announced plans for a four-place airplane, Sun Flyer 4, the next addition to the Sun Flyer family of aircraft. In addition, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is the first flight school to hold a deposit for a Sun Flyer 4.
IDTechEx is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 15 August.
CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Sergio Marchionne plans for more than half of its Maserati lineup to be electrified by 2022, but the detail is, as yet, unclear.
The future of motoring in Queensland was launched at Parliament House in Brisbane - and it is electric.
The UK Government has confirmed that it will end the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040, as it unveiled new plans to tackle air pollution.
Cars are so yesterday. By contrast, the demand for buses will power on up, with no peaking for decades.
Mobile robotics in material handling and logistics will become a $75bn market by 2027. It will then more than double by 2038. These staggering headline figures mask turbulent transformative change underneath: some technologies will rise and transform the fortunes of industries, fuelling growth rates far outpacing recent trends, whilst others will face with decay and obsolescence. We are at the beginning of the beginning of a transformative change, and the time to plan is now.
The launch of the first phase of a 246 million government investment into battery technology to ensure the UK builds on its strengths and leads the world in the design, development and manufacture of electric batteries.
IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins will present on lightweighting at Energy Independent Electric Vehicles, the world's first conference on energy independent vehicles.
The Moby Mart is an autonomous, staffless, mobile store, turning every parking space in the world into a potential new 24-hour store. Moby Mart are currently working with tech to make the Moby self-driving.
SAIC-GM-Wuling has officially launched the Baojun E100, the brand's first fully-electric vehicle.
Joint development of robot-based innovation concepts for vehicles of the future has now been agreed.
The entire electrical need of the coaches for lighting, fans and information displays will be met from the solar energy produced from the solar panels fitted in the roofs of coaches.
Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIVs) are the end game and IDTechEx will be showcasing the opportunities at their next event.
It is easy to look at an industry like composites and quickly dismiss it as slow-moving and of no real interest to you or your company, but the chances are you would be wrong.
The new IDTechEx Research report, Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028 concerns goods and people reaching final destination such as down the pathway past the guard dog or riding from the train station.
1.5 million electric vehicles will be on California roads by 2025, and 5 million by 2030, with the help of a new rebate program created by legislation announced by Assemblymember Phil Ting.
Supercapacitors are an aptly named type of device that can store and deliver energy faster than conventional batteries. They are in high demand for applications including electric cars, wireless telecommunications and high-powered lasers.
"Last mile vehicles" refers to vehicles used to take people and goods to their final destination.
Dr Laura Baers & Dr Richard Collins discuss composites and their uses in drones and enabling internet infrastructure.
Do fuel cells have a significant future in cars?
Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIV) are the end game and IDTechEx will be showcasing the opportunities at our latest event - Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Land, Water & Air - taking place in the EIV hub that is Delft, Netherlands.
The totally new IDTechEx Research report Electric Buses 2018-2038 is about hybrid and pure electric buses, often in many new forms, powering up to be a massive $500 billion market.
Elhape decided to put this to the test and raced it against its original diesel counterpart. They also tried something new to showcase the raw torque performance of Elaphe in-wheel technology and raced against a production electric car. In reverse.
Cooperation to further develop communications between autonomous vehicles and road infrastructure, and testing on toll barrier crossing and work zone approach.
Amber, a Dutch self-driving startup, has stated that it would be the first in the world to deploy self-driving cars on a large scale.
The UK's first electric-only truck manufacturing facility is set to open in Oxfordshire.
Nicolas Hulot announced the end of the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040.
Volvo Cars has been in the news recently in relation to their announcement this Wednesday on their decision to leave the internal combustion engine only based automotive industry. But is this move really a revolutionary one?
An 'eco-engine' for the 21st Century.
Volvo Cars has announced that every Volvo it launches from 2019 will have an electric motor, marking the historic end of cars that only have an internal combustion engine and placing electrification at the core of its future business.
Hyster Europe discusses a project to electrify container handlers and 11T high capacity empty container handlers.
Heesen Yachts has announced that the world's first Fast Displacement motor yacht equipped with hybrid propulsion was delivered to her owner in international waters.
Ocean Phoenix 360 04 Jul | France
Ocean Phoenix 360 is a truly unique giant factory-ship capable of eradicating the millions of tons of plastic waste that have accumulated in the North Pacific and other Oceans around the world.
In a recently-held press conference Dubai Police revealed the force's newest addition, the autonomous police patrol.
CargoPod, developed by Oxbotica as part of the GATEway Project, is guided by their state-of-the-art autonomy software system Selenium, which enables real-time, accurate navigation, planning and perception in dynamic environments. The pod is able to carry a total of 128kg of groceries at a time.
Finland's first hybrid ferry is a vessel full of state-of-the-art technology. Elektra is also Finland's biggest road ferry. With its length of almost 98 meters and width of 16 meters, it can carry up to 90 cars at a time.
Electric cars hey have a long way to go before reaching numbers capable of making a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. In order to limit temperature increases to below 2C by the end of the century, the number of electric cars will need to reach 600 million by 2040.
Driverless shuttle service 27 Jun | United States
The service will use two fully-automated, 15-passenger, all-electric shuttles manufactured by French firm NAVYA to transport students, faculty, and staff on a non-stop two-mile route.
Export Development Canada has announced the closing of a CAD $6.5M contract financing credit facility for Richmond, BC-based Corvus Energy Inc.
Several organisations are working to improve the poor efficiency of a wind turbine on a boat, car, bus or similar vehicle.
"The purpose of the "Adaptive City Mobility" project is the development of a complete, emission-free mobility concept for cities.
Imagine a battery-powered plane that has 10 engines and can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an aircraft
Together with their partner Naval DC, Soel Yachts puts their 11 years of solar electric naval architecture experience into the SoelCat 12, a fully sustainable vessel proven for saltwater operations.
A drop-in robotic system to rapidly convert a variety of traditionally manned aircraft to robotically piloted, autonomous aircraft.
During a teleconference Cummins Inc executives shared how the Company is positioned to lead in current and future technologies, including its core business, electrification, alternative fuels and power solutions, as well as in digital capabilities, data and analytics.
Modern batteries power everything from cars to cell phones, but they are far from perfect - they catch fire, they perform poorly in cold weather and they have relatively short lifecycles, among other issues. Now researchers have described a new class of material that addresses many of those concerns.
Using a combination of advanced robotics and driver-less vehicle technology, Kar-Go removes up to 90% of the cost associated with the last mile of delivery.
If electric cars could recharge while driving down a highway, it would virtually eliminate concerns about their range and lower their cost, perhaps making electricity the standard fuel for vehicles.
Stored energy from electric vehicles can be used to power large buildings - creating new possibilities for the future of smart, renewable energy - thanks to ground-breaking battery research.
Envision Solar International Inc has received the largest single order in its history from New York City for its EV ARC products.
Electrical engineers have invented an inexpensive printed sensor that can monitor the tread of car tires in real time, warning drivers when the rubber meeting the road has grown dangerously thin.
IDTechEx are holding a free webinar on Tuesday 27 June titled Future Powertrain: EV Options and Objectives.
Continental is presenting an answer to the problems posed by the non-standardized charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The basic idea is simple. Rather than cramming the car with extra technology to match all the different types of charging station, Continental turns the electric powertrain itself into a 'charger'.
This is the third consecutive year that Corvus has received the Supplier of the Year award and a first time win for Innovation of the Year.
NEVS recently displayed the new InMotion Concept for the very first time in Shanghai. This is not a normal car - it's a vision on how we in the future can travel safely and efficiently through a big city, without owning the car - and without a driver.
IDTechEx reports on electric boats correctly predicted the advent of autonomous electric ships. We even see them becoming energy independent using such things as solar roads as rugged decking and airborne wind energy in the form of tethered drones flying at up to 1000 meters where the winds are consistent and have four times the energy.
IDTechEx is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 20 June 2017 titled How Progress and Innovation in Robotic Technology is Transforming Agriculture.
BYD, has been authorized to become a local auto manufacturer in Argentina.
Hyundai used to be a leader in buses but the explosion of the huge, protected Chinese market has resulted in the global leaders consisting entirely of Chinese companies growing their sales rapidly - mainly with pure electric buses - and Daimler, with declining sales.
IDTechEx analyst Dr Lorenzo Grande was at the annual EES Europe event to learn about new trends in the battery arena.
Virtually all of the new grid capacity being added in the world is renewable or nuclear nowadays.
A little known Canadian startup, Havelaar in Toronto has unveiled an all-electric pickup truck concept at the EMC show in Markham, Ontario. This Bison E-Pickup will be produced in Ontario. With the large center touchscreen, the interior of the vehicle is clearly inspired by Tesla, the company that is shaking the motor industry to its roots.
This technology could provide an "instantly rechargeable" method that is safe, affordable and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries through a quick and easy process similar to refueling a car at a gas station.
he Concept Link, which BMW Motorrad recently unveiled, has electric drive, zero emissions and full connectivity, the concept vehicle is not just a means of transportation, but also a means of communication.
London Taxi Company's strenuous testing regime for its range extended electric vehicle has taken the cab to the extreme desert heat of Arizona in the U.S., China's largest retailer, online or offline, has reached an agreement with the provincial government of Shaanxi to build China's largest low-altitude drone logistics network.
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has announced that it has successfully developed a cathode material for lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries.
The future has no exhaust pipe. If we want to achieve our climate protection objectives, we will also need a transformation of the transport sector in addition to the transformation of the energy market, since year upon year we go through tonnes of CO2 in road transport.
DRB-HICOM Berhad has reached an agreement with China-based Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd for the Chinese car group to acquire 49.9% equity in PROTON Holdings Berhad.
Consumers are suing General Motors for allegedly rigging the emissions controls in Duramax diesel trucks in order to pass emissions tests, while in real world conditions the trucks emit 2 to 5 times the legal limits of deadly NOx pollutants.
IDTechEx Technology analysts' Drs Richard Collins and Khasha Ghaffarzadeh attended Plastics 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. These slides give some highlights from the Plastics event and extends to composite material and adhesion-free metal-plastic joining solutions.
What happens in the transport sector, which accounts for more than a quarter of total world energy use, will be critical to progress in the ongoing energy transition.
Agriculture is one of the world's least digitized major industries. This is however all about to change. Indeed, data acquisition and analytics companies are already a hot topic, and as such are subject to growing capital investments. This trend is captured in the figure below.
Combining drones and AI to combat poaching 26 May | United States, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe
Intelligent drones and AI can be used to help save the planet.
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 6 June.
Cummins Inc. a giant corporation of 55,400 people worldwide serving customers in 190 countries. It best known for its diesel expertise but it is impressively reinventing itself to serve the powertrains of the future such as 48V mild hybrids that will transmogrify into electric vehicles as they become capable of electric drive in more advanced forms.
It has long been speculated that electric vehicle adoption may have a sudden tipping point of adoption. IDTechEx pointed out that incentives help as does reaching lower cost of ownership but lower up-front price is the killer blow.
Higher efficiency, increased power density, smaller footprints and reduced system costs: these are the main advantages of transistors based on silicon carbide.
Blockchain and distributed ledger technology for use in the development of a new mobility ecosystem that could accelerate development of autonomous driving technology.
Eynamic electric vehicle charging allows vehicles to charge while driving.
Daymak Inc has announced its new product called Daymak-C5-Blast Go-Kart, what the Daymak team believe will be the fastest electric go kart in the world.
The BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye have announced their intention to onboard Delphi as a development partner and system integrator for their State-of-the-Art autonomous driving platform.
Researchers have created a team of free-flying robots that obeys the two rules of the air: don't collide or undercut each other. They've also built autonomous blimps that recognize hand gestures and detect faces.
A new record has been set in long-distance drone delivery. A consortium set the record flying a fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle over 97 miles to Austin, Texas using cellular connectivity.
Aluminium ion technology is expected to possess similar performance characteristics to existing battery designs. However, in contrast to the currently dominant technologies such as lithium ion, aluminium is a very common element and is therefore easily obtained at a relatively low cost.
The successful "IDTechEx Show!" in Berlin with nearly 3000 paying delegates, nine parallel conferences, 25 masterclasses and a large exhibition had a huge amount for the electric vehicle enthusiast.
The successful "IDTechEx Show!" in Berlin with nearly 3000 paying delegates, nine parallel conferences and a large exhibition had a huge amount for the energy harvesting enthusiast.
Autonomous and 100% electric, "YARA Birkeland" will be the world's most advanced container feeder ship.
Sono Motors, Germany were presented last night with the Most Significant Innovation Award in Electric Vehicles at the IDTechEx Show, Berlin.
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Thursday 25 May 2017 titled Electric Buses: Hotbed of Innovation and Large Orders.
With an output of 150 kilowatts, the new generation of the Siemens high power charging system is capable of charging current and future electric vehicles with voltages of up to 920 volts.
Welcome and Introduction keynote presentation from IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das, introducing the technologies covered along with an introduction to the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin 10-11 May 2017.
The presence of just a few autonomous vehicles can eliminate the stop-and-go driving of the human drivers in traffic, along with the accident risk and fuel inefficiency it causes, according to new research.
To outer space and the deep ocean, add "beneath the ice" to the list of rarely charted frontiers of science exploration.
The new IDTechEx report, Electrically Active Smart Glass and Windows 2018-2028 observes that electrically active see-through glass is an idea whose time has come.
Safety, range and costs: these are the three big premises of electromobility. Safety definitely comes first. Lithium-based traction batteries are usually completely enclosed in the battery case and integrated in the vehicle to protect the battery from all conceivable stresses and external influences. This "armour" has an effect on construction, weight, size and overall design of the vehicle.
SolarStratos is a commercial two-seater solar plane that aims to be the first manned solar plane penetrating the stratosphere.
You cannot get far today with electric cars. One reason is that the batteries require a lot of space. Scientists are stacking large cells on top of one another. This provides vehicles with more power. Initial tests in the laboratory have been positive. In the medium term, the project partners are striving to achieve a range of 1000 kilometers for electric vehicles.
The unique report Supercapacitor Materials 2017-2027 is a drill down from the IDTechEx overview, Supercapacitor Technologies and Markets 2016-2026. It is packed with detailed analysis, many new infograms, conference slides, roadmaps and a ten year forecasts 2017-2027.
On May 10-11 an estimated 3,000 people from over 40 countries will meet at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin to discuss the commercialization of a diverse range of emerging technologies.
Watch the preview of the IDTechEx Show! coming up in Berlin, 10-11 May 2017
From its facts based research, IDTechEx has what some regarded as over-optimistic forecasts for electric cars. However, others are now matching or exceeding our optimism.
E-TWOW, headquartered in Romania, has developed electric scooters they claim to be the first with regenerative braking.
Lithium-oxygen fuel cells boast energy density levels comparable to fossil fuels and are thus seen as a promising candidate for future transportation-related energy needs.
Not stuck on silicon 28 Apr | United States
A new technique developed by engineers may vastly reduce the overall cost of wafer technology and enable devices made from more exotic, higher-performing semiconductor materials than conventional silicon.
Aerial dogfighting began more than a century ago in the skies over Europe with propeller-driven fighter aircraft carried aloft on wings of fabric and wood. An event held recently in southern California could mark the beginning of a new chapter in this form of aerial combat.
This conference concerned petrol stations in the UK. They have collapsed in number from 35,948 in 1971 to a mere 8,434 today. The collapse would have been worse were it not for hypermarkets opening new stations.
The IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 May is Europe's most important event for those involved in technology scouting and product innovation, bringing together emerging technologies with global brands.
Uber is looking beyond ground transportation and has announced that the company has partnered with ChargePoint to create rapid-charging stations for Uber's planned network of on-demand flying electric cars that will be capable of vertical take-off and landings.
Project Portal - a hydrogen fuel cell system designed for heavy duty truck use at the Port of Los Angeles.
This is one of the first times that bespoke fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles have been used at a volcano such as Fuego, where the lack of close access to the summit vent has prevented robust gas measurements.
IDTechEx Technology analyst Dr. Lorenzo Grande was at Battery Japan 2017 to listen to the 30+ talks by leading Japanese companies, as well as to attend the co-located exhibition.
The Automotive Research Association of India has tested Li-ion batteries developed by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and found them valid for commercialisation.
In order to get automated driving off the ground in China, a promising concept is still needed for how to generate high-precision, up-to-the-minute maps.
Redox flow batteries are an energy storage technology initially developed by NASA in the 70's for space applications. After several years of intensive R&D, in 2006, several key patents on the technology expired, opening up the arena to companies all around the world.
High performing lithium-ion batteries are a key component of laptops, smart phones, and electric vehicles. Currently, the anodes, or negative charged side of lithium ion batteries, are generally made with graphite or other carbon-based materials.
Hermes is launching an innovative testing programme for the use of self-driving delivery robots in London.
Business Secretary Greg Clark and Transport Minister John Hayes have announced a range of research funding which included a total of 4.25 million for a high energy battery research project, and an autonomous vehicle research project at WMG at the University of Warwick.
IDTechEx Chairman Dr Peter Harrop attended the recent Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Symposium in Singelfelden, Germany. In this article he shares his findings from the conference.
GreenPower Motor Company Inc announces that it has entered into a sales contract to supply 10 GreenPower EV350 40-foot zero-emission all-electric transit buses with the City of Porterville in California.
Vehicle emissions regulations for 2025 and 2030 are unlikely to be met by conventional vehicle technology as applied to most vehicles beyond small cars. Going to strong hybrid and pure electric powertrains involves considerable expense and delay and often totally new platforms.
Germany took a wrong course in vehicle powertrains initially resisting government support for electric vehicles, but many German industrial and commercial vehicle manufacturers are now going electric.
IDTechEx Launchpad will showcase innovations from 18 start-up companies at the IDTechEx Show! held in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 May 2017 (
The more you look the more you see and, in the case of air pollution, it is bad news all the way.
Corvus Energy has been awarded a 10-year long-term service and maintenance agreement for the entire Scandlines hybrid ferry fleet.
IDTechEx analyst Dr Laura Baers gives an overview of solar fuels and explains why artificial photosynthesis is still difficult to bring to market.
They call it Airborne Wind Energy (AWE). It started with kites flying higher than a conventional wind turbine to create electricity from the familiar figure of eight trajectory where winds are much stronger and more consistent than those tapped by conventional wind turbines on land or even offshore.
Almost 50 years after this vehicle type participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the electromobility specialist Kreisel Electric has completely converted a Porsche 910, turning it into an electrified supercar.
Research promises to increase the performance of high-power electrical storage devices, such as car batteries
A report from AABC Europe 2017: The automotive perspective 03 Apr | Worldwide
Just like the Battery Show in the U.S. is the prime location for exhibitors to showcase their battery innovations and manufacturing capabilities, AABC Europe is the leading conference in the Old Continent when it comes to the quality of its speakers. This year from the 30th January to the 2nd February, the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference was hosted as usual at the Congress Center Mainz along the river Rhein in Germany. In this premium article, IDTechEx analysts Mr. Gonzalez and Dr. Grande will give a summary of their week in Mainz as well as insights into what these news mean for the automotive battery industry. This account focuses on everything related to automotive companies.
Recently, there has been a sharp increase in development activity with electric aircraft, as examined in the new report from IDTechEx Research, Manned Electric Aircraft 2017-2027.


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