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IDTechEx attended the Future Powertrain Conference which took place in Soilhull, UK on 24-25 February.
The electric bus market is growing at a CAGR of 20% in terms of unit sales. The rapid growth is a game changer for the battery market as electric buses require large-sized batteries ranging from 74 kWh (fast charging e-bus) to over 300 kWh (slow charging e-bus). This is why IDTechEx Research forecasts that the e-bus battery market will overtake the consumer electronics sector by 2020.
Analyst IDTechEx helps start-ups by letting them exhibit free in its big shows such as the forthcoming "IDTechEx Show!" in Berlin April 27-28 with over 150 exhibitors, over 2500 paying delegates and eight parallel conferences, two of them strongly featuring high power energy harvesting both from ambient energy and by recuperation in vehicles.
A video interview with Divergent Microfactories, taken at the 3D Printing USA exhibition.
Power Plaza is presenting its Yebbujana R2 electric roadster in Geneva.
Video interview with Alta Devices at the Energy Harvesting & Storage USA event.
The first Solar Impulse 2 maintenance flight that took place on Friday, 26th of February in Hawaii was uneventful.
The aim of this alliance is to keep users safe and connected while on the road.
The Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel is developing an unmanned vessel optimized to robustly track quiet diesel electric submarines.
Are petrol prices affecting the electrification of industrial electric vehicles? IDTechEx says the best is yet to come! This article aims to provide a guide on how the new dynamics of petrol prices is affecting electric vehicles in general and industrial electric vehicles specifically.
There are about 200 companies making traction motors for electric vehicles, rather like the 200 making the lithium-ion batteries that increasingly power them.
Berlin leading in electric vehicles 26 Feb | Worldwide, Germany
It was in Berlin that the first solar charged electric boat appeared. The first hybrid electric aircraft with a rotary combustion engine flew from Berlin Schoenefeld Airport. In another first, this year Deutsche Bahn will offer a fleet of electric and hybrid cars for rent to its long-distance travelers, in order to make its transportation services door-to-door in Berlin.
Independent research and business intelligence experts IDTechEx focus on emerging technologies and providing powerful data to clients worldwide. On the cutting edge of new developments in sectors such as Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles, Wearables, Printed Electronics, and Energy Storage and Harvesting, IDTechEx proudly support start-ups in many ways.
ontrolled Power Technologies has invested £1 million to further industrialise its CO2 and NOx reduction capabilities for the global automotive and transport industries.
Automakers are test-driving a new torque-vectoring electric drive system by GKN Automotive that will make hybrid vehicles more efficient and dynamic.
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 8 March 2016.
This short video presented by IDTechEx Chairman Dr Peter Harrop reveals how electric vehicles that never need refuelling, plugging in or contactlessly charging are now on general sale, with many more to come.
Dubuc Motors will launch its electric supercar, the Tomahawk, on an equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine.
Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC), a Ugandan state-owned vehicle manufacturing company that launched an electric car named Kiira EV last year, has unveiled what it says is Africa's first solar-powered bus.
New novel materials are being developed for next generation Li-ion batteries. One promising anode-cathode material pair is lithium titanate countered by lithium iron phosphate.
News from China 19 Feb | Worldwide
IDTechEx interviews have established that the move to 48V mild hybrids as the most affordable way to meet impending 2025 and 2030 emissions regulations very much embraces Chinese industry which already offers the key component, the Torque Assist Reversing Alternator TARA also known by other names.
The material at the heart of the lithium ion batteries that power electric vehicles, laptop computers and smartphones has been shown to impair a key soil bacterium, according to research.
The British government says it is close to ordering two solar-powered high-altitude Zephyr surveillance drones from European aerospace giant Airbus.
NASA is researching ideas that could lead to developing an electric propulsion-powered aircraft that would be quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly than today's commuter aircraft.
Leveraging the proven technology and operational experience of the Skylark family of mini-UAS, Skylark 3 offers a wide range of system enhancements, including a significantly larger range.
The Belgian Green politician Björn Rzoska has recently entered quite a remarkable commuting experiment. In the next three months, he will travel from his home to the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on a 45 km/h electric bike. As a result, he will be riding around 100 km a day.
Formula One is significant in two ways. It is a major business in its own right at approaching $14bn and it pioneers vital new technologies in a car or bus near you from the disk brake to the flywheel kinetic energy recovery system and the supercapacitor hybrid powertrain.
Wikipedia says no. Wikipedia is wrong. It correctly identifies electric vehicles as those propelled by an electric motor for some or all of the time. However, from the first volume production of 48V hybrids in 2017, most will be capable of just that in the form of silent all-electric take-off just like a strong hybrid.
IDTechEx proudly supports start-ups in many ways. Our latest initiative is an "EVES Launchpad" for Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage start-ups where they can exhibit free of charge at the large IDTechEx Show! in Berlin on April 27-28.
Video interview with IDTechEx analyst Franco Gonzalez.
Six friends traveled Europe in the electric Kia Soul EV to show that an electric road trip is possible, this is their account of their journey.
Researchers have developed a Level-2 electric vehicle (EV) charger prototype with efficiencies exceeding 97% at an unprecedented 2.6 kW/l power density.
Research teams have produced a cost-effective catalyst material for fuel cells using a new preparation process which they analysed in detail.
The self-driving vehicle, WEpod, is being tested on the campus of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
As printed and flexible electronics are beginning to proliferate, with a variety of components and devices coming to market, several end user verticals are expected to benefit from the host of advantages these technologies offer and the automotive sector is no exception. Overall, the market is expected to grow to over $5.5 Billion dollars in the next decade, spearheaded by the projected growth of in-mold electronics and OLED technologies, as discussed in more detail in the newly launched IDTechEx report "Printed and Flexible Electronics in Automotive Applications 2016-2026 - Enabling technology toolkits, suppliers and market forecasts".
IDTechEx interview Nuon Solar team 3.2.16 05 Feb | Australia, Netherlands
Every year, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge sees solar cars from all over the world race right across Australia on sunshine. The Nuon Solar Team has won six times including October last year.
nalyst IDTechEx External Link has just completed a major study of 48V mild hybrid vehicles, releasing the brand new report Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031.
The end game with the 48V hybrid cars that will first appear in volume production in 2017 is having no 12V battery - just a beefy 48V one.
The annual IDTechEx Show! will have a focus on green technologies in Berlin on 27-28 April.
Morgan Motor Company is pleased to announce that it will lead a £6m project to develop new powertrain technologies.
Electrically powered Picnic boat drives for up to 16 hours on a single charge.
ALISE is a pan European collaboration focused on the development and commercial scale-up of new materials as well as understanding the electrochemical processes involved in Lithium Sulfur technology.
IDTechEx are expanding their research into advances in electronics packaging, which is included as part of advanced materials. The latest report "Electrically Conductive Adhesives 2016-2026" covers a range of solder-replacement technologies. An estimated 50,000 metric tons of tin-lead solder are currently used each year, but lead is being banned in more and more applications due to toxicity.
"The EV scene has changed radically in the last year," says Raghu Das CEO of IDTechEx, "and our forthcoming conference Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing will reflect that."
Loon Copter is a novel multi-rotor platform capable of traditional aerial flight, on-water surface operation, and sub aquatic diving.
The IDTechEx Launchpad initiative is open to early-stage start-ups, universities, newly spun-out companies, research labs and government labs who can demonstrate a working prototype or product that highlights new advances in any of the related event topics of: 3d printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology.
The SipaDrive is emission-free and barely audible, and provides 3 hours of fully assisted cruising at a speed of 2 knots and propulsion.
Printed and flexible electronics are beginning to proliferate, with a variety of components and devices coming to market. Several end-user verticals are expected to benefit from the host of advantages these technologies offer and the automotive sector is no exception.
The TopChair-S is an electric wheelchair that can climb up and down stairs.
Audi production network: ready for electric mobility 25 Jan | Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Spain
Audi is preparing its international production network for the mobility of the future. Large series production of the first purely electric driven SUV from Audi will begin at the site in Brussels in 2018
IDTechEx visited Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) Ltd UK on 18 Jan 2016. They met with CEO Nick Pascoe with Robert Palmer, investor and PR, also present.
A lithium-ion battery that self heats if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit has multiple applications, but may have the most impact on relieving winter "range anxiety" for electric vehicle owners, according to a team of researchers.
The Freerider is powered by a 22 Ah lithium polymer battery pack that the company claims can last for one hour while a 165lb (75kg) rider travels at full speed.
The new E-Class marks the world premiere of numerous technical innovations for enhanced comfort, a new level of safe driving, a new dimension in driver assistance and a new infotainment and control system.
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 2 February 2016.
New Tiguan GTE active concept20 Jan | United States
Volkswagen is proving how much potential the plug-in hybrid systems have.
The two most promising current candidates for cars are fuel cells, which convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to electricity, and rechargeable batteries.
More than half of all new buses and coaches registered in 2015 met the latest Euro-VI emissions standard, marking a threefold increase compared with 2014.
The Bonirob robot, which is approximately the size of a compact car, uses video- and lidar-based positioning as well as satellite navigation to find its way around fields.
2015 was the most successful year ever for the BMW Group with annual sales setting a new record for the fifth year in a row.
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 26 January 2016.
Following its unveiling to domestic media at Hyundai Motor's Namyang R&D Center in South Korea, details have been confirmed of the IONIQ - the next generation of hybrid vehicles.
The first industrial robot, Unimate, went into operation at a General Motors plant in 1961. Over the next few decades the use of industrial robot arms in the automotive industry matured.
Researchers are working to make the lithium-ion batteries we use every day safer by inserting sensors to warn users of potential problems inside the battery.
Scientists have created a highly efficient biomaterial that catalyzes the formation of hydrogen -- one half of the "holy grail" of splitting H2O to make hydrogen and oxygen for fueling cheap and efficient cars that run on water.
A new way to store solar heat 11 Jan | United States
A new material that can store solar energy during the day and release it later as heat, whenever it's needed.
An international group of scientists have developed ion-exchange synthetic membranes based on amphiphilic compounds that are able to convert the energy of chemical reactions into electrical current.
ARCA Space Corporation has created ArcaBoard, a hoverboard that works over most surfaces.
Scientists have developed a novel electrolyte for use in solid-state lithium batteries that overcomes many of the problems that plague other solid electrolytes while also showing signs of being compatible with next-generation cathodes.
Students thought that changing the aerodynamics of a UAV to reduce drag might result in less drain on the battery, and thereby increase flight time.
Inventors around the world have been trying to combine the ease and utility of driving with the three-dimensional freedom of flying since the beginning of the 20th century.
The industry's first robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with augmented reality technology.
Hyundai Motor has announced the name of its advanced, alternative-fuel compact vehicle due for launch in 2016: the Hyundai IONIQ.
The UK Government has announed the new levels for the Plug-In Car Grant from 16 February 2016.
An EU initiative tested the feasibility of electric cars with modular batteries. Drivers wanting more power could just plug in another battery.
A first-of-its-kind, lightweight, solar-powered, electric scooter using both Stratasys PolyJet and FDM 3D printing technology.
In this article IDTechEx analyst Dr Victoria Adesanya-Aworinde shares insights into demand and sales forecasts, market share, market size and market leaders.
Intelligent car windows 18 Dec | United States
Intelligent Glass Control uses special films which are inserted into the glass and which change their transparency through electric control signals.
The range extender offers longer flight time and fast re-fuel capabilities, addressing two of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of battery-powered drones.
PowerResponder is a line of new hybrid supercapacitors with technology enhancements that aim to replace traditional lithium ion batteries in select applications.
Ford is investing an additional $4.5 billion in electrified vehicle solutions by 2020 as well as changing how the company develops vehicle experiences for customers.
The E-MEHARI features advanced technology. It is an all-electric vehicle with battery technology based on the expertise of France's Bolloré Group.
Summary of the key information tracked during the Electric Vehicle conference held in Santa Clara USA.
This is McLaren Marketing's unique conceptual take on motor racing's future.
The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy recently selected 24 projects from a competitive field to receive a nearly $55 million investment in "vehicle technologies that will strengthen the U.S. clean energy economy."
Researchers have developed an energy storage device which is significantly more cost-effective over the entire life cycle in comparison with previous models.
My Electric Avenue is a three-year Ofgem-funded project that has been carrying out trials to discover the impact that charging clusters of electric vehicles might have on local electricity networks at peak times.
Lizard electric vehicles 04 Dec | Worldwide
Extreme vehicle concepts have a habit of appearing in a car near you.
Smartscooter electric vehicle 03 Dec | Taiwan, Netherlands
The Gogoro Smartscooter is a high-performance, zero emissions two-wheeled electric vehicle.
Hyundai Mobis has announced that the company became the first in Korea and the second in the world to successfully develop the next-generation electronic integrated regenerative brake system known as iMEB for environment-friendly cars like hybrid cars and electric vehicles.
After two years of research, a French team have just designed an alternative technology to Li-ion for application in specific sectors.
This new championship called 'ROBORACE' will provide a competitive platform for the autonomous driving solutions that are now being developed by many large industrial automotive and technology players as well as top tech universities.


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